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Hi all!

My name is Kevin. I'm a new member, and I don't think I fit the average profile of most forum members. I attend a boarding school in New Hampshire called Phillips Exeter Academy.

As you would expect, this means most of our students are not at all exposed to the "alternative" sciences often discussed on this forum. We're looking to change that! Let me preface this by saying that I personally am not strictly a Flat Earther. However, I think I'm still in the minority when I'm very willing to discuss and "logic out" topics like these instead of placing blind (and as some would argue, undeserved faith) in the words of mass-printed textbooks. Nine times out of ten, putting people's intelligence together and hashing things out will lend a lot more truth to a matter than what one specialist wrote.

As such, completely unaffiliated with Phillips Exeter or any other institution, a few students and I are seeking three qualified flat-earth theorists to be panelists at the first Annual National High School Symposium on the Alternative Sciences. This will be a one to two hour online science panel hosted two weekends from now where we invite you to make the case in favor of the flat-earth model, and then open up to a polite and mannered question and answer analysis session of sorts.

The requirements are for panelists are as follows:
  • Well-versed in the core principles of the Flat Earth model and able to present (with or without visual aids, though encouraged) them coherently and concisely.
  • Able to engage in thoughtful discourse and exchanges of positions. Able to synthesize rational explanations to questions brought up during the discussion portion.
  • And we can't allow profanity or vulgar behavior of any sorts as this panel will have an audience of children.

If being a panelist at the Symposium holds interest to you, please let me know, and if you have any lingering questions, I'd be happy to answer them! Thanks again!

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