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Flat Earth Community / TFES Wiki and Christianism
« on: October 26, 2018, 05:50:13 PM »
Here is TFES take on religion according to the FAQ page

Is flat earth theory connected to a religion?
Flat earth theory is neither officially nor unofficially associated with any religion. Throughout the ages various religious institutions have championed a flat earth model for the world. Unfortunately this leaves us with the vestigial thought that flat earth theory and religions are symbiotic. They are not, even though many religions today, both mainstream and otherwise, still teach its followers that the world is flat. While they are not incorrect, believing in a flat earth isn't contingent upon believing in a deity or being a part of any religion.

However, in the couple of paragraphs immediately above this one, two names are cited. Samuel Shenton for being at the origin of the International Flat Earth Research Society, following the Universal Zetetic Society. And Samuel Rowbotham for his experiments on the lack of curvature. His book "Earth not a globe" is even cited and linked, which is often the case in Flat Earth discussions.

These statements are contradictory with the fact that TFES deems those religious connections "vestigial" and not "contingent".

An example of contingency, the reason behind the Universal Zetetic Society reads:

After Rowbotham's death, Lady Elizabeth Blount established a Universal Zetetic Society, whose objective was "the propagation of knowledge related to Natural Cosmogony in confirmation of the Holy Scriptures, based on practical scientific investigation".

The book linked by TFES wiki itself, "Earth not a globe", explains how the Flat Earth theory is written to support Christians against modern science. Here is the last paragraph of the book, in the words of Samuel Rowbotham:

To truthfully instruct the ingenuous Christian mind, to protect it from the meshes of false philosophy, and the snares of specious but hollow illogical reasoning; to save it from falling into the frigid arms of atheistic science; to convince it that all unscriptural teaching is false and deadly, and to induce great numbers of earnest deep-thinking human beings to desert the rebellious cause of atheism; to return to a full recognition of the beauty and truthfulness of the Scriptures, and to a participation in the joy and satisfaction which the Christian religion alone can supply, is a grand and cheering result, and one which furnishes the noblest possible answer to the ever ready Cui bono.

Many other pages in the book explain how his work supposedly reinstate the belief in Christ and the Bible. So by dissociating itself with its Christian roots, TFES is contradicting the one and only source it is built on.

So which one is it? A mere hypocrisy to hide the truth, or an assumed treason of Rowbotham's ideas?

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