Easy at-home proof that the earth is relatively round
« on: October 28, 2016, 04:40:41 PM »
I'm going to propose that the following is an easy at-home test that anyone (who is technology literate) can prove to themselves:

1) get an open source GPS hardware platform
2) find source code that works on it
3) verify the code you're working with is the same code powering the chip by altering it in a known way
4) understand the logic of the code (it has the math which showing trilateration)

This trilateration math can be used to deduce certain things about the entities sending the signals to your GPS device:
1) they are in multiple locations
2) they are in a certain direction
3) the math measures distances based on a spherical shape, not a flat one
4) they're actually using time stamps
5) your device is calculating where it is on a curved surface

There is a stereotype of a flat earther as a sort of shut-in geek... If this stereotype is true - and there are a lot of nerds at computers believing it - then we have an army who all have the skills to run this experiment and prove to themselves something significant.