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Flat Earth General / Re: Chemtrails and Toothpaste
« Last post by StinkyOne on Today at 03:45:42 AM »
Fluoride is a highly toxic compound and anytime the .gov is pouring bags of the crap in my water then I prefer to filter it back out. I've taken the fluoride out of my drinking water for close to 7 years now and see the flat horizon much much clearer. How's the alzheimer's epidemic working out for you?

If you grew up in the 60's and 70's you would remember blue skies and no chemtrails. Instead, today you're still living in mommys, basement playing on the internet all day.

Yeah...chemtrails.  Just no.
Pic from the 70's. What are those lines in the sky???

El Stinky are you a .gov plant on this site? Couple things gave it away, one I have been going to the Las Vegas Hilton since ELViS was alive and performing there. Two the light pole is bent in the foreground meaning the picture has been doctored by the globalist to fool the gullible chemtrail sniffers.

This picture is of the LV Hilton with a second building overlayed, chemtrails added for fun, for the James Bond movie.
Nice try stinker, you have now proved to the world your "Evil" ways....So easy to slay !

LOL - it is just an old picture. I did an image search on 1970s sky. You should get back on your meds.
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Sunset. Please explain the pictures.
« Last post by Tontogary on Today at 03:31:07 AM »
And pretty much gone........
Flat Earth Debate / Sunset. Please explain the pictures.
« Last post by Tontogary on Today at 03:19:57 AM »
Last night was a fantastic sunset.

I watched it and took pictures, Unfortunately not with a filter, so the glare was a bit distracting, however it is clearly seen in the pictures that the sun is going down.

I dont get how the sun gets below the horizon, perspective does not explain it, as the observable diameter of the sun horizontally does not decrease to less than what the eye can discriminate.

Refraction follows the curve of the earth, so when actually seeing it, technically the sun had set.

If the perspective were in effect, the horizontal size of the sun would get smaller and smaller, and eventually disappear. It does not.
It clearly sinks below the horizon, it does not merge into the horizon.

The wiki does not really explain it, and neither does EnaG.

I have proved in another thread that the horizon does not rise up to meet the observers eye, and if the sun was above the horizon, then it would get smaller and smaller, which it does not, as I already proved in yet another thread. All in all it should not get cut in half.
I'm not going to perform hand held surveying experiments by holding a water device in one hand and a camera in the other,
What if this is done with the water level and camera both on tripods and steady with the camera centered vertically on the water level?
Explain to me a model of perspective that allows a sunset then. Right here, right now. Or else you have no argument.

(Edit: no real rush though, it's getting late and I need sleep.)
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Refraction and the Bedford Canal
« Last post by Tom Bishop on Today at 01:41:22 AM »
In Earth Not a Globe Rowbotham describes perspective as the cause for the sunset, not bending light rays. Light travels in straight lines.
The problem being, as explained on many other threads, that the sun actually touches the horizon. Refraction+magnification is the only solution I've seen for that from the FE side.

And no, light doesn't travel in straight lines. I am wearing something right now that soundly disproves the notion.

Perspective also explains it. Elucid's version of perspective is continuous, which is a  concept perspective proponents tend to disagree with. I am planning on rewriting the perspective pages in the Wiki at some point, hopefully soon, which better describes the sunset.

I've explained the concept here on this forum in the past. Do a forum search for "dime" by the user "Tom Bishop" if you are curious on what I have written on the subject.
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Trajectories of Stars
« Last post by Tom Bishop on Today at 01:04:25 AM »
Yes, and all of them would be in conflict with observations of distances such as airline jet routes or the path of the sun at the tropics and equator.

That is TBD. Over the years, in the times we have tried, we have had trouble testing out different maps due to a number of reasons, of which I will summarize here.

    - A major airport does not make connections between all airports on earth. Multiple stops are necessary to get to some locations.

     - Jets must fly with respect to airspace agreements --they don't fly the quickest route to the destination

     - It is not really that uncommon for a flight to arrive more than an hour early or an hour late. There are reports on the web about such occurrences. Jets may be delayed in a route; we would need a good resource for historical flight times.

     - International flights often use jet streams to reach their destination as Standard Operating Procedure

     - Nonstop in the travel industry doesn't necessarily always mean "nonstop". A stop is only a stop that transfers passengers in travel agency lingo. A bus which makes a stop for fuel at some point along a 29 stop route advertises that route as "29 Stops," not "30 Stops."

     - The distances reported from airlines are actually calculated based on a spherical coordinate system. Flight times from flight logs would be required to make an estimation.

There are more issues as well.
Flat Earth General / Re: Chemtrails and Toothpaste
« Last post by J-Man on Today at 12:32:09 AM »
It's not a common theory round these parts. Fluoride in water has nothing to do with flat earth whatsoever.

Round these parts...hmm ok but maybe ignorance plays a role? Anything to dumb one down and not question or be able to think allows, the powers that be, to force feed your mind with garbage, like the round earth quackery. We all know that sleep is important to ones health but some may not know the effects on sleep heavy metals like aluminium have on sleep. Our pineal gland it seems clears bad chems from our brains during sleep by supplying sulfer to it. When these metals are introduced in quantity they stop the sulfer production and the pineal gland begins to calcify, disrupting our cleansing sleep cycle. Studies show things like autism and alzheimers are bi-products of this imbalance (both imo at epidemic stage).

Evil has dumbed all down, made you swallow the drugs, taught you the lies but there is hope and freedom. His name is Jesus Christ !

slash ----->>>>>>> sorry was that your ear?  Chemtrail and toothpaste with fluoride are slow death.

Read all about it:

Flat Earth Debate / Re: FET and Global Positioning System
« Last post by Treep Ravisaras on Today at 12:19:30 AM »
you keep using and misattributing to GPS - your iPhone 7 is a poor choice of equipment for this discussion
Thank you for allowing me to clarify my point. It helps me think more clearer and I will incorporate your thoughts as follows:
(p.s. mobile phone was in Aeroplane Mode the whole time, so not communicating with networks. Do you know what means Aeroplane mode?)

Flat Earth or not, even when using poor choice of device that gets position within 2.4m of random government sign I think we can all agree there is no device that will tell us our position more accurate that a gps device. Now how it works...? Round Earth says satellites. Flat Earth says I don't know.

Being proper flat earther of course decided to experiment to see what is was about.
Your schtick is extremely transparent, as always. Nobody is questioning that GPS works in certain areas, and that it can, on occasion, be accurate.
Who says schtick? You are clever enough to dig through metadata of my picture to uncover it was taken by an iPhone 7, but stupid enough to not know that gps is:
- accurate to be approved primary means of navigation in aviation world wide.  Four billion air passengers (4,000,000,000) with zero deaths in commercial passenger jets last year, with planes descending at night, in between mountains using only GPS every day.
- used in millions of ships as primary means of navigation as we have just found out thanks to Tontogary
- working well in each of the billions of mobile phones world wide.

I reserve my opinion that you are neither that clever, nor that stupid, but a pretender. Pity, because that is not how our knowledge gets increased. Seeing, observing, continually gaining knowledge.

I never argued that cell phones didn't supplement their GPS data.
This why I put my device in Aeroplane mode, so it would just get position with gps, not communicate with any networks to get more data.
The sun and stars are at such an altitude that they max out their downward perspective line angles into the earth, are moving consistently, or nearly so.
Since you seem to consider yourself to be an educator of sorts, could you explain this please? I read the wiki and still cannot imagine how the idea of perspective works in your head, and I cannot understand anything that article says... some diagrams would be very helpful.

This would also cause the spinning of the celestial disk to appear circular instead of an oval.

Supposing this is true (although again, I don’t really see how), at what altitude do you think circles that should appear as ovals (by all logic and day-to-day observation) actually begin to appear as circles again? In other words, how high does, say, a plane need to fly in circles for it to look like circles from a distance (not directly underneath the center of the circle) and not ovals as we would expect? And is the moon currently at that altitude or not?

I do think that we need a rewrite of this page to make the idea a little more clear, but it is a start.

Yes, I suppose you should, since your whole (already very flimsy) "theory" rests on this completely unfounded assertion and maybe like one or two more just as unfounded assertions, tops...