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Australia is run by satanic jew criminal most other so-called 'Western' nations.....

who-ever is elected or not elected to govern is, mostly, immaterial.....

these people have no real power....

Aussies were dis-armed 20-odd yrs ago by a vicious and cruel hoax ("the Port Arthur massacre")

it prblby won't be long before they 'go under'....whether by foreign invasion, socio-economic collapse and/or tyrannical governments.....


Then again, refraction can be quite convenient for FE'ers when it makes a round earth appear flat.

i get the feeling that "refraction" is one of those convenient, throw-a-way "explanations" that TPTB trot out to try and dodge "the hard balls";

although "refraction" is a relatively simple concept/explanation, TPTB and their innumerable shills are quite content to spew out a barrage of meaningless scientific gobbly-de-gook to baffle and confuse the average punter...

most people haven't got the qualifications, the time or the inclination to penetrate these "smoke screens";

that's the way TPTB like it......keep every-one distracted with mindless entertainments and too busy working to earn a living to have any spare time to consider the fact that they're trapped in "the Matrix";

(the word "amuse", for instance,  actually means "don't think" or "anti-think"....'muse' being the Græco-Roman term for "thinking" or "pondering"/"reflecting on some-thing" "a" prefix is its opposite!)

as for refraction making a RE appear flat....well....where is the evidence for this?
where are the laboratory experiments (that have been double/triple checked and, then, peer-reviewed) to demonstrate this?

what are the refractive indices of air and do they compare and how can they distort an object's appearance....   ???

most people know that water has a certain refractive index that can distort objects under-water......
does air have the same sort of effect?

quite frankly, i doubt it!

if any-thing, it would be only of a minimal, marginal kind that would make no appreciable difference

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Antisemitism in Europe
« on: March 18, 2015, 02:59:17 AM »
Just read an interesting article and thought I'd post it.

The author is basically making the argument that after several decades of tolerance post-Holocaust, old-timey violent antisemitism is on the rise again in Europe. He claims that European jews are under attack not just by radical Islam as western media likes to portray, but also by increasingly popular fascist groups.

people are sick of the jews' lies.....WWII/Holocaust for a start;
from which they've extorted $billions$ on the basis of a fraudelent hoax;

they're also nation wreckers and corrupters of traditional morality!
jews were behind feminism, pornography (including child porn'), homosexuality and abortion!
most abortion clinics are run by jews!  >:(

why is this so?

because, unlike all other religions, jews actively reject Jesus Christ!

that makes them ANTI-christs;

(*note*: i do not consider jews to be "a religion" or "a race"; rather, i consider them to be an international criminal gang with clear, psychopathic tendencies  :( )

so: the toll of misery and horror that these "devils in shoe leather" have inflicted on the world is almost incalculable!

they're the Devil's kids!   >:(

so....there are very good  reasons that these characters were run out of dozens of countries over the centuries!

just !Google! "what famous men said about the jews"....going all the way back to the ancient Roman statesman and
historian Cicero!

you'll soon "get the picture";

you'll get an even clearer one here

Higgs particles are hardly proven science.

my under-standing of it is that they're not an essential part of Quantum Theory;

(there is speculation that the NSA already has a working Quantum Computer, able to, for instance, decrypt previously-uncrackable 4096-bit encryption in real time)  :o


the unspeakably vile atrocities committed against National Socialist Germany during the jew-provoked World War Two were vaguely hinted @ in Patrick Buchanan's Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War;

but Thomas Goodrich's book, Hellstorm: the Death of National Socialist Germany, 1944-1947 goes into much more gruesome detail;

find out what they have LIED to you abt for the last 70-odd yrs......(if you can stomach it!  :-\ )

(also worth a look....but.....NOT for "the faint of heart"...the art of Herbert Smagon )

"HellStorm"....the myth of "the good war;   


Science & Alternative Science / Re: "nukes" ...... are they bogus
« on: March 16, 2015, 03:50:09 AM »
I think either 17November or Levee had some theories that nuclear weapons and proliferation were part of the conspiracy. He believed Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been firebombed.

to understand some-thing properly, you need to be operating in the correct frame of reference!   :-B

the "rule of thumb" i use is that every-thing we've been told is a pack of lies and every-thing we know is wrong!   :(

fore-most amongst these is WWII which is absolutely replete with lies:

every-thing from Hitler's reasons for "invading" Poland, Pearl Harbor (a total hoax, i believe!), the bogus 'Holocaust' to the non-nukes;

WWII was, basically, orchestrated and choreographed by jews.....the overwhelming majority of whom are congenital liars!

some even go so far as to call it "Jew War Two" although i would argue that WWI was more a result of petty European nationalism than any-thing else although jews did play a notable part in the so-called "Russian Revolution";

as comes as no surprise to discover that Hrshm/Ngsk were hoaxes;

the photographic evidence, indeed, supports this and, also, various reports from journalists of the day and, even, Japanese soldiers in Sth East Asia and Korea (Manchuria, then) who said it never happened!

what was the whole WWII 'nuclear programme'/Manhattan Project?

basically: just another money-making scheme for jews run by jews (Oppenheimer &c)

so....where can we find truth?

i believe: only from the ancient texts......the further back in time you go.....the less "agendas" there were.....

for me, that means sacred writings like the Bhagavada-Gita, the Hindu Vedas, the Buddhist texts and the Bible
(Dhouay-Reims translation only!).....all those texts have stood the test of time and their lessons, moral, spiritual and historical are all demonstratably valid  :o

(and only those things in our present world which agree with them or, @ least, do not conflict can be relied upon!)

Einstein was a bogus fraud and all his so-called "theories" are bogus, too!
what was he?
in essence, just a typical jew!   :(

"relativity" is rubbish!
"quantum theory" is correct!

there's not a lot of real difference between them.....

they still ascribe to the basic 'verities'.....the traditional, wrong-headed conception of the Universe and bogus historical events like, for instance, 'the Holocaust' not to mention bogus recent events like 9/11 and Sandy Hook;

the "creationists" also ignore the well-established theories of the likes of Rupert Sheldrake even though they support the Bible;

they even ignore stuff like "the Bible codes" which very strongly support the veracity of the Bible;
(the "gap theory" vis á vis Genesis 1:1/1:2 is also castigated by them even though they can't really deal satisfactorily with 'the age of the Earth' and can't really explain when and how Lucifer/Satan fell......both of these are glaring anomalies in their YEC model)

and...they studiously ignore previously well-recognised Biblical books like the Books of Enoch, Jasher and Jubilees.....not to mention the couple of dozen epistles and gospels that have been deliberately excluded from the New Testament;
(even their preferred version of the Bible....the King 'off beam'....the most accurate English translation is and always has been the Douay-Rheims version....from the Vulgate by way of St Jerome)

the reason?

they're "gun shy" and don't want to 'rock the boat' too much and get "too far off left field" with TPTB  ::)

Science & Alternative Science / "nukes" ...... are they bogus
« on: March 16, 2015, 01:53:08 AM »
just wondering if any-one here has looked into this "nukes are bogus" stuff?

there's now a fair bit abt it on Y-tb and that

here is their old forum   .....   "nuke lies" ;

i think one of their former Forum members ("fakeologist") recently interviewed FE'r "Mark Sargent" on i/net radio.....

Flat Earth Community / Re: Eric Dubay shot us down
« on: March 16, 2015, 01:47:05 AM »
That other guy, Matthew Boylan, is a better pick. I don't know why we would want to court someone who believes in reptilian conspiracies and has a life goal to "expose every conspiracy from Atlantis to Zion," regardless of his ability to create some youtube videos explaining elements of FET.

Boylan seems to be an interesting character;
i can't tell if he's for real or not, quite frankly;
(he says he went into 'comedy' so that "the men in black" [for want of a better term] wouldn't put a 'hit' on him  :o )

can any-one on here verify whether or not he actually did work for NASA in any capacity?
i know these "government agencies" have a habit of "disappearing" paper-work on whistle-blowers.....
it happened to that "Bob Lazar" character who, back in the 1980s, "blew the whistle" on Area 51;

would be interesting to get some of these NASA-types "off the record" and discover just how many are "in" on the FE cover-up  :-X

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