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Flat Earth Investigations / PLASMA MOON SCIENTIST 1965
« on: November 15, 2020, 12:39:44 AM »
Has anyone seen the ABC interview from 1965 with the mysterious scientist going by the name Professor R Foster,
in the interview he claims the Moon is not solid but Plasma. He claims any attempts at a moon landing will not possible, he seems quite confident about that. No information seemingly exists regarding his full name or what institution he worked for. Alot of Flat earthers are suggesting data on him and his works were deliberately diacarded, and that he is untraceable because of it.

Here is the interview:

I don't, personally, sense the man in the video to be some nutjob, and the interview is too serious to be a gag. Regarding information on him, i was able to find a 2002 publication of the Royal Society of Edinburgh which registers a fellow of RSE by the title "Professor R Foster", a donation was made in this name. Presuming it is the same Foster; a donation was made by him, or posthumously in his name. Im going to try and see if the R. Foster Fellow from RSE's area of research corroborates with the R. Foster in the videos claims of the composition of the moon, to get a clearer idea of the identity of the professor Foster from RSE and why he has an obscure digital footprint as an academic. Most universities have since already digitized old publications. Im guessing this mystery man died sometime at the turn of the century, and this clue is enough (if there is no grand conspiracy) to give us a name and address, names of colleagues, institutions he worked for, and more importantly possibly access to an archive of his publications on why he believed landing on the moon to be "impossible" and that "it will never happen" (most likely hard copies if any survived).

RSE publication PDF (expires 1 week): [url][url]

(I have since found more concrete info on him)

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