Re: Experiment to Distinguish FE from RE
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As it is is too large for us to tackle all in one go, it would seem that the rigorous and repeated measurement of still water's surface (barring surface tension artifacts) would be the logical place to begin. This has already been done for centuries in the discipline of hydrostatics. This would not tell us the shape of the entire world of course, but it would help to determine (by establishing the local observations) if spherical is even a potentially acceptable shape for the world (considering its surface is thought +70% water)

Done twice thus far. You did see reply #31 above...?

Got lots more examples if you wanna see.

Serious question. 

Could the Wiki's "electromagnetic acceleration" account for your reply #31?  In other words, the plane of the sea totally IS "above" the tops of the ship and lighthouse in your two example pictures, but the light reflecting from the sea to the observer's eyes simply makes it appear to be "below" where it really is.

I am terrible at math, so I would not be able to calculate the following, but perhaps you can:

Could we then do some sort of magical calculations (math sometimes really does seem like magic to me) to measure that the light is "bending" the same amount(? - I don't know what word to use here) in both your 100m above the sea observation AND the light of the sun to the earth creating the time zones, etc. as described in the Wiki ?

Or would we first need to know the Bishop constant to even make sure a comparison and thus we can't anyway?


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Re: Experiment to Distinguish FE from RE
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Not sure this will answer AATW's original thoughts discussed in the first 4 posts of this thread, but I did think about an interesting experiment that could be tried.

To date, I'm unfamiliar with any FE arguments against the generally accepted physics of how waves travel.  Specifically, I'm thinking about how sound and pressure waves travel radially outward from a fixed source at equal speed unless an external force acts to change their path. I'm unaware of any proposed FE theory, such as EA, that refutes this.

So, the experiment would be to initiate a sound or pressure wave at a given location, and then use the various measuring sites across the earth to time when that wave reaches them.  Knowing the speed of the wave, the distance from the source could then be calculated and various models could be compared to how that data aligns with the model.

The only issue with this experiment, is that the energy required to perform the experiment is quite large and the expense and logistics of performing the experiment basically make it impossible to perform.

Fortunately for all of us, Mother Nature cares nothing about expense and logistics and decided to perform the experiment January 15, 2022 at Tonga.

This would leave FEers to explain how the data from this natural experiment aligns with the RE model but not any of the FE models.
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