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Flat Earth Theory / Re: Are plane tickets real?
« on: June 16, 2020, 01:31:32 PM »
I’m not shocked to come back to this thread to find it has eroded from deciding whether or not plane tickets are real

Well the conversation really should have been over when I posted the results from the plane flight super thread earlier on. I felt that answered pretty much all of the questions/issues with how flight times/distances don't support the flat circle model. If that's not enough then there are other forums in which a more active member claimed in regard to southern hemisphere flights which weaken the flat circle model:

 "This flight has never been existed."
"Don't trust  aircraft companies such as Qantas and Latam by their claims about flight times. These are liars."
"If you find a video show full flight of a travel between Chile and Australia, then there will be a possiblity that path it exist."
-These flights only exist if you can produce a full video of the entire flight.
-flying from Santiago, Chile to Sydney Australia in about 14 hours is impossible

There is a whole array of responses from many different view points about the whole flight times/paths/distances don't support the flat circle north pole center model. My response is that I believe these flights are real and that they weaken the flat circle north pole center model. The question was asked, dozens of possible answers were given. End of discussion.

I challenge IAMCPC:

Northern hemisphere - Seoul, NORTH KOREA  to New York, USA - 14 hours (7000 miles) direct flight.

Southern hemisphere  - Sydney, AUSTRALIA to Santiago, CHILE - 14 hours (7000 miles) direct flight.


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