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Disney needs to fucking stop the live action remakes. They all suck. Also, who gives a fuck what the cartoon Ariel looked like? It still exists. Just watch that one instead because it'll be better anyway. The constant whining about remakes not looking 100% like the original is so dumb.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: The Queen
« on: September 08, 2022, 08:31:11 PM »
So your response was... to not state any argument at all? What exactly are you trying to accomplish here?
This is Rushy's new tactic.

Anyway, it's pretty surreal that she's gone. The royal family as a whole is gross but this is obviously a big moment. I'm curious to see what it's going to be like with Charles.

Technology & Information / Re: The Flat Earth Society official IRC chat
« on: September 07, 2022, 05:12:57 PM »
This is a Kiwi IRC problem, nothing to do with us. Hopefully they will fix it soon. You can work around it for the time being by connecting with Mibbit if you like.
My work computer won't let me. I'll just wait it out or maybe never join again if Kiwi is dead forever. Auf wiedersehen, chat.

Technology & Information / Re: The Flat Earth Society official IRC chat
« on: September 07, 2022, 04:53:53 PM »
"We couldn't connect to that server :(
Unknown error"


Literally no one is saying this change is not going to happen.
Literally no one said that anyone said that either.
Apparently though it seems I'm the only one looking down the road.  Change is nigh.  It's gong to happen.  Saying that is not diminishing the issue, it's facing it.

holy shit, why does it feel like you're gaslighting me? WHERE IS THE READING COMPREHENSION

1. we know the change is going to happen. that was never the point anyone was making.
2. it sucks for people who will lose work over this; whether that's today, tomorrow, or five years from now

You keep disagreeing with me and saying I'm an idealist or that we're running and screaming for the hills. But it doesn't really seem like we're disagreeing about anything other than you having a sunny disposition about it likely because you don't understand the scope of what digital artists do. Literally all it takes is a little bit of empathy and seeing that artists are already upset about it.

Will people find new jobs? Yes, fucking obviously because like you mentioned this is happening to all of us. Hopefully one day we will be in a position to not have to rely on employment to survive like xasop said earlier. But can we still acknowledge it might suck for artists until that time? YES

Literally no one is saying this change is not going to happen.

.. he won in the digital art category ..

I'm still not convinced we all need to run for the hills screaming tough.
Ah yes, good thing it wasn't a medium that a lot of artists work in.


oh deer
I almost posted that but I'm an "idealist" or whatever.

I can get where some people are coming from in saying it's a new tool to use and we just have to deal with it. Which ultimately I know will be the case as we're always moving forward. But it still seems not gr8 that someone who has no ability to paint or do line-art for themselves can feed prompts into something, curate it, spruce it up, and then call it their own.

Well, like I said, I was trying to figure out what Rushy's real view on wealth is.  The idea of what is considered wealth is an interesting concept.  I guess it is a digression from the topic at hand but the subject kinda came out of the discussion as sometime happens on forums and I'm fine with returning to lurking moar.
If someone can pay off their student loans quickly then it likely means they are wealthy relatively speaking. It is pretty subjective, sure, but many many people are in debt for a long time with student loans and over half of the American population is one pay check away from being homeless.

We should not be getting hung up on this topic simply because you don't want to think you're wealthy when you're not even struggling with the literal topic of this thread. From the OP:
Should someone making $124k per year really get $10k of their debt paid off? Does it make sense to contribute so much aid towards the sector of America that is, in general, the most well off?
And I think we've answered that question.

I never had student loans.  Part of that fortunate timing and good luck thing.  I was able to work my way through school without having to borrow money to pay for it
My other son is on his way to being obscenely wealthy but he's more around the median household level currently.  I'm guessing it will take him another 5+ years before he's obscenely wealthy.  He did have student loans which he paid off reasonably quickly.
Then I don't know why we're having this conversation.


How do we stop gays from constantly and consistently spreading horrendous diseases? It took this man only one week in Spain to collect 3 diseases.
"The authors, led by Santi Nolasco, said the man had reported of having unprotected sex with men during his stay in Spain." Men really need to wear condoms.

You know.  I was having kinda a mediocre day.  Imagine my change in attitude when I discovered I was "obscenely wealthy."

Funny thing is, my MAGA, Trump loving, anti-vaxer, covid denier sister-in-law once told my wife we make too much money.  Guess she was right after all.
Nice brag, mate. But it was pretty obvious given how defensive you've been. Just imagine how we feel if you feel like this even after making more than twice the median HOUSEHOLD income in the US.

Are you struggling to pay off your student loans?

I don’t consider someone making 124k/a wealthy anymore. Upper Middle Class maybe.
Technically that is upper middle class, but upper middle class is fairly wealthy when compared to the majority of Americans.
"In 2020, about 90% of employed people made less than $125,000 in total income."

I also don’t consider kids that were told going to college was the only smart choice and then finding out it wasn’t to have made bad choices.
Well, it's still not. Most places still use a bachelor degree as a general requirement.

Anyway, higher education should be free. We need more doctors and teachers.

If AI were to take that segment over, your threat model becomes "you'll either make it big, or, uh, enjoy wasting half of your life becoming an expert at something nobody wants". How many people are going to take that risk?

It seems like a lot of people who are making the argument that AI art is not that big of a threat don't understand how most artists make a living. It is incredibly difficult to "make it big" as an artist. A lot of artists have a side job on top of creating. Most artists are not living comfortably on rich patrons or have the masses scrambling for their work. It's usually contract work for businesses or middle/lower class buyers and if AI art can match what some people are already making for much cheaper that's going to wipe out a lot of artists.

Companies, especially those of long standing, are reluctant to change what works.
Companies already don't want to pay artists and they're constantly looking to save a buck, so I believe it could change a lot faster than you think.

And with automation already taking away non-artistic jobs, then what will be left in the future?
Maybe automation taking away all our jobs is the sign we need to stop having a job being the basis of our entire civilisation.
You'd need a civilization that cares about people first.

As for where this is going, I have no more idea than anyone else.  However its interesting to note that self driving cars was thought to be pretty doable, we'll have this working in just a few years.  But it turns out its a lot harder than originally thought.  It would not surprise me if we find that creating art (as something that inspires that touches people etc) is in a similar class.
This is an interesting point, and of course part of the issue here is that "art" is a very broad spectrum of things, ranging from works meant to inspire to more mundane things like, I dunno, the cover image for an opinion piece on a news site.

That latter half of the spectrum is important, because it's a somewhat reliable source of income. It's a safety net for someone who wants to get into (visual) arts - maybe they'll make it big, or maybe they'll live a comfortable enough life creating something that might not make them the next Michaelangelo, but which provides clear value to society. In my opinion, it's that safety net that's currently at risk.

To try and illustrate that point, here are a couple of AI-generated oil paintings of Trump, currently on fire*:

Now, is this revolutionary art that's going to inspire generations? Of course not. But could it be used as the cover of the next WaPo article about how Trump is a criminal? Yeah, probably. So, if an idiot like me can spit that out of a generator without having to pay for a stock photo or a comissioned art piece, what's stopping large companies from never commissioning artwork again?

* - I should note that while DALL-E 2 is supposed to be restricted from generating images relating to real people, those restrictions are terrible.
Yes, this.

I also write for funsies, but that's not the issue. AI generated art doesn't take anything away from me wanting to create something for my own enjoyment. But it does cause potential issue with artists who rely on creating as either a full time or part time job. Artists already struggle to get compensated fairly for their time and effort.

And with automation already taking away non-artistic jobs, then what will be left in the future?

I follow a few artists on twitter and I recently saw one who retweeted a comment like "the last one looks like an AI painting" and the artist essentially said it was the most insulting comment he's gotten and he wouldn't be surprised if that kind of comment becomes more prevalent. And it wasn't even a harsh criticism because this particular artist is very very good.

Anyway, I think it sucks. People already undervalue artists' work and this makes it worse obviously. We stray further from God's light everyday.


Or its because I read mostly American news and such.
The Atlantic is American news. Or maybe you're suggesting Rushy and I get our info from overseas?

Being American and all.
I know you're American.

It’s probably the latter.
When I’ve been in the US and seen the news it is like the rest of the world doesn’t exist.
He does not live in America.

Huh.  All I hear is America.  Didn't know any other country had an outbreak.
That's because you're quick to hate on Americans any chance you get.

An ongoing outbreak of monkeypox, a viral disease, was confirmed in May 2022. The initial cluster of cases was found in the United Kingdom, where the first case was detected on 6 May 2022 in an individual with travel links to Nigeria (where the disease is endemic). The outbreak marked the first time monkeypox has spread widely outside Central and West Africa

This is the article the wiki references:

Men really need to learn to wear condoms.

Unfortunately straight women just aren't as dtf because they're women and not obsessed with sex.

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