suggestion on how to involve more people in here
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I thought many times about what Obviously said back then in one thread, and now i think that he was actually right! 8)
Ok flatties, 'splain me this! On the one hand, I'm sure this has already been mentioned, but then I'm seeing a lot of the threads here getting waaay more complicated than necessary. [Remember people, we are basically dealing with children here, so try to stay calm, and stick to short sentences and simple words....

If you take this part out of the context, it will point to a problem:
some members of this forum are using complex words in a very long sentences where it's not necessary....reading one big mess of letters is unpleasant and leads to confusion! And it obviously scares the newcomers, who might have new ideas and thoughts on FET!

Some of my own posts are hard to read - i shouldn't have made them like that, because not everyone can easily understand new words and concepts wrapped in needless amount of words.
But also portion of people here uses complicated words just to show how intellectually developed they are and to feed their own ego.

I think we should simplify our posts but keep them comprehensive enough. Maybe by using regular words instead of complex ones, whenever it's possible  and  by relying on simple examples from everyday lives, when describing some concepts, theories, hypotheses.
A good thing to do, is to imagine yourself as if you are a beginner with an average IQ on this forum: how hard would it be for you to understand the post you're currently writing - and make some edits accordingly.
I know it sounds ve-ery cliche, but we should at least try it.

If you wanna correct me, then do it.
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