F E Model reconsiderations
« on: July 17, 2017, 05:26:20 PM »
As A newbie, I have a great concern for the flat earth model which is so unprecedentedly (is this a word?) wrong on two major counts. The land mass itself, is inverted. Try and unroll it and roll it back on itself the other way round, and you have the look of the old world maps, which place UK on the edge rather than at the near center. You see, I live in the UK, and I have recently had the feeling we live on the edge close to the Antarctic circle / ring, as wikipedia puts it. And so anyone who thinks they are going to the North Pole are only going to the Antarctic ring, the part close to UK, Norway and Greenland and Canada.
You see the North Pole I suggest does not actually exist, as if it is supposedly in the center of the flat earth model, as a ice land mass, then all roads would lead inwards. But many texts suggest all roads lead East and West. Which leads me to the very notion of the Suns path............RISING from East, gradually rising to its ZENITH, stable for about an hour at its HEIGHT, then starts its DESCENT, to its place of SETTING in the West. The sun clearly does this action and in no way does it go round the land mass circling a north / central hub. Many verses in religious scriptures testify to the suns movements, and the moon following behind. Time is thus equated using the suns assent and descent, as well as the movement of the suns rising and setting positions from Summer to winter, which signifies the seasons too. So if you see the sun rising from dead due East in the middle of the year, this is the marker for the equatorial line, signifying the northern section from the southern section.
I also surmise that the maps of central earth / Agartha / North Pole, are a fabrication or a deception, as the land mass is split into four land masses with a central sea. Suppose this map is nothing more than a world map, but perhaps without the central sea. The old world maps show four land masses, Libya, Asia, Europa, and sythia. I think we have to look to seeing where the hottest regions on earth are, and they will be along the equatorial line, that is if the earth land mass is inverted the other way. I think you really need to address this model and correct your teachings, as the model is in every way wrong. For simplistics and unsurety as to where the land is, without someone doing a modern day quest / adventure to find out, just do a broad marking of the four or more continents. What we must realise is that the land mass of the earths entirety has changed, and it could well of been one large round land mass, rather like the Atlantis theory, maps and stories, is this another conception of the whole earth distorted yet again to promote a lost continent, where in fact we are right slap bang on it all the time???