Re: Build Wall
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The fentanyl bust hardly makes a case for the wall, given how the smuggler was trying to take it through a legal checkpoint.
Durrr...yeah, it does...

Without a wall. there are no legal checkpoints...

You do not take smuggling detection to open areas of desert...

You take that shit to...wait for it...CHECKPOINTS!

I'm not sure I get your point. Today there are 48 U.S.–Mexico border crossings, with 330 ports of entry.

Do you want the new wall so we can have more legal ports of entry?
Yes, that is what having a wall is about.

You only need infrequent, staggered physically present monitoring of places with a wall and cameras in place. More people would be able to assist in processing those immigrants and/or asylum seekers at legal checkpoints.

A wall makes it safer for those on both sides.


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Re: Build Wall
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"With so much talk about the Wall, people are losing sight of the great job being done on our Southern Border by Border Patrol, ICE and our great Military. Remember the Caravans? Well, they didn’t get through and none are forming or on their way. Border is tight." -President Trump
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