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Tom is in favor of a much less corrupt country like Russia taking over all of Europe.

You’ve already admitted this is a proxy war. Why would the USA care about what the proxy thinks? It’s about fighting Russia, not liberating Ukraine.
I don't see any evidence that Ukraine isn't still corrupt since 2015. According to Transparency International Ukraine's corruption score is still pretty high:

"The data is determined annually by Transparency International. In 2021, the index was calculated for 179 countries from all continents. The original index shows the figures exactly the other way round and assigns higher values for lower corruption. So the official score for Ukraine is 32 points in 2021, which would actually make it an anti-corruption index because as the score increases, corruption decreases. These numbers have been inverted here for better comprehensibility and easier visual acquisition of the graphs."

Compare to Germany:

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: The DEMS have destroyed Californya.
« Last post by Tumeni on Today at 04:51:56 PM »
Every interstate is always under repair

That's good, isn't it?

That's better than leaving them to decay, isn't it?
Seems like it's definitely a MAGA thing...

It's worth remembering that many of the psycho-right groups are directly funded by the Kremlin. It's really no mystery why they wouldn't be critical of the Kremlin.

A good example of this is the National Rifle Association. Under Trump, the Russians were actually donating cash to the NRA. It's in Russia's best interest to flood the streets of America with cheap accessible guns and divisive media.
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: $$$ inflation $$$ Say it ain't so Joe
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Looks like dems and repubs are both equally averse to reducing the debt...Covid sure didn't help things throughout 2020 & beyond...

It's because the debt doesn't really mean anything and everyone in Congress knows it. It's a good talking point "rah rah reduce debt or whatever!" but it doesn't actually matter. It's why universally the more someone brings up America's debt the less they know about economics. America economically controls the vast majority of the planet. Its debt is to itself and just a big scary number on paper. No one who matters cares about the US total debt.
It's worth remembering that many of the psycho-right groups are directly funded by the Kremlin. It's really no mystery why they wouldn't be critical of the Kremlin.
Because Biden doesn't.

The far-right is literally "I'm against whatever he is for."
So if Biden is for helping Ukraine, The far right is against it and for Putin.

That is part of it. Like the Republican anti-vax movement, a lot of Republicans knew it was bullshit but saw they could radicalize the ignorant rednecks by wailing about vaccines. They could stand at the podium slamming their machete down, yelling about the left taking their freedom and mindless zombie crowds would cheer.

But the main reason the Republicans are betraying their country to support Russian expansion is that they know Russia will support them in the next election. Facebook has already removed thousands of fake accounts originating in Russia promoting Russia propaganda. Putin will bring resources to the right wing just like the pharmaceutical or the petroleum industry. Handing over Crimea was part of Trump's agreement with Putin. If he had been reelected, he would have given them Ukraine and Moldova.

Republicans fall into two categories. There are those who recognize and understand Putin's agenda and propaganda but will benefit from it. Then there are those idiots who actually believe the propaganda. It is a confluence of the evil and the stupid.