Flat Earth community Survey
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My name is Ethan, a student from the University of the Fraser Valley. I am conducting a study under the direction of Dr Keith Harms for English 105, Academic Writing. The purpose of the study is to understand the literacy practices of the Flat Earth community and the way that writing functions within the group.

I have a survey prepared for anyone who would like to take it. It's a fairly short survey, and should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.
There is a consent form at the beginning of the survey, as well as your identity will remain anonymous.

Here's the link to the survey> https://forms.gle/PnuwEmrirnqzHTU39

Re: Flat Earth community Survey
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Hi Ethan

I also am here on a fact-finding mission, I find the FE conspiracy theory fascinating.  I myself am a ball earth proponent and I have an idea that sociologically, members of the FE community are rather like New Age gurus, in so much as they carry their own reality with them.  It's completely within their rights to believe whatever they like; God, Yahweh, Buddha, Cookie Monster or all of the above. Although I don't believe the earth is flat, I do believe that (except for some YouTube blowhards) the vast majority of FE believers are decent, together, eloquent people who just so happen to have a different world view, and I for one would fight for their right to believe whatever they wanted to.