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The European Parliament has passed a law allowing e-mail and messaging service providers to automatically scan all messages for suspicious content and report matches to police, under the guise of protecting children. The linked article provides a good, if somewhat biased, overview.

This is not as invasive as surveillance legislation in some other parts of the world. For instance, it does not require service providers to conduct surveillance, it only permits it, which enables users to choose providers that respect their privacy. The full text of the legislation also provides limitations on the extent of such surveillance, restricting it only to detection of child abuse. It also explicitly excludes breaking of end-to-end encryption from its remit.

But Patrick Breyer, the author of the article linked in the first paragraph, makes an argument that this surveillance will not actually help combat child abuse.

Indiscriminate searches will not protect children and even endanger them by exposing their private photos to unknown persons, and by criminalising children themselves. Already overburdened investigators are kept busy with having to sort out thousands of criminally irrelevant messages. The victims of such a terrible crime as child sexual abuse deserve measures that prevent abuse in the first place. The right approach would be, for example, to intensify undercover investigations into child porn rings and reduce of the years-long processing backlogs in searches and evaluations of seized data.

Further (see the linked article), he is planning legal action in the context of a European Court of Justice ruling on the subject.

You can see a list of which MEPs voted which way on the legislation here, under the section Use of technologies for the processing of data for the purpose of combating online child sexual abuse (temporary derogation from Directive 2002/58/EC). This may be helpful in determining whom to vote for in 2024, whichever way you lean on this issue.
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I agree it won't help.  If you do child abuse, you'll pick a provider that won't spy or use a vpn.

But Patrick's suggestion is stupid.
His answer is "Just work harder and faster".  As tho that somehow is possible.

"Just hire more undercover cops!"
"Just infultrate more porn rings!"

Yeah... Gotta 1. Train.  2. Hire the right people.  3. Find the damn things.
I get the impression Patrick thinks they have a stack of porn ring urls that are just waiting to have an undercover cop jump into.  Not to mention the time it takes to infultrate, gain trust, gather intel and evidence...

Sure, lets have more manpower if possible but I don't think thats going to solve the problem any faster.
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