flat earth model
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I'm looking for help to confirm my doubts.
I thought of a model, to be confirmed with experiments, which can reconcile the theory of the flat earth with the eclipses of the sun, the lunar ones and the change of the seasons.
In my opinion the earth could be flat but revolve around the pole, the usual 15°/h. In my opinion the moon would continue to revolve around the earth on an elliptical orbit and the sun would revolve around the earth on an eccentric orbit but on a floor higher than the Earth.
In my opinion, what we call the Sun could be a lens due to the "refraction" of the Sun's rays on the celestial vault. During eclipses, the moon is placed between the lens and the real Sun.
It would be interesting to verify the behavior of the sun's rays when they pass from a diffusion medium such as water or water vapor to the air, i.e. when they cross the atmosphere, remembering that the water-air reflection limit angle is 48.77° . If they illuminated only a portion of the Earth they could confirm my hypothesis.

Re: flat earth model
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I suggest drawing out your theory. I get you’re hypothesizing how eclipses work through lenses, but can’t follow the details. I’ve heard both the sun and moon are electromagnetic reflections.