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Debate Club forum restructure
« on: June 23, 2018, 12:15:53 PM »
Hello Earthers of all shapes and sizes!

In the hope of facilitating more constructive and honest debate, we will be restructuring the forums tomorrow (2018-06-24, 09:00 UTC) while down for maintenance. To minimise confusion during the transition, you will not be able to access the forum while the changes are being made.

A summary of the changes that will take place:

1) Create Flat Earth Investigations - Investigate authoritative claims on any topic. Question our institutions and challenge conventional wisdom.

2) Rename Flat Earth General to Flat Earth Community.

3) Merge FE debate, FE Q&A, Rename to Flat Earth Theory - A place to examine the Flat Earth Theory.

4) Rename Flat Earth Information Repository to Flat Earth Media

5) Rename Zetetic Council Forum to Flat Earth Projects. Place the Earth Not a Globe Workshop as a subforum within Flat Earth Projects (Ideally, not seen on the main Table of Contents page)
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when you try to mock anyone while also running the flat earth society. Lol