Flat Earth Debates (streaming Google Hangouts on YouTube)
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If anyone is interested, I have started a YouTube channel, called Flat Earth Debates, which streams 24 / 7 Google Hangouts with free speech and free access for everyone (with a join link in the description and even in the title), including of course flat earth debunkers, who are so abundant on this forum. The discussions are not limited to flat earth and pretty much anything can be debated.

This is the link to my Flat Earth Debates channel: Flat Earth Debates - YouTube

This is the description of the channel, from my YouTube "About" page:
This channel hosts Google Hangouts, open to everyone, on a first come, first served basis, to promote debates on the shape of the earth, but also on the other conspiracy theories. This channel welcomes critical thinkers belonging to any camp: flat earth, spherical earth, concave earth, and who have any other theory on the world (including all conspiracy theories). 

The moderator does not participate in voice and text chats, and does not affect the discussion in any way, except to comply with YouTube policies and guidelines, and guarantee free speech and respect for everyone. You get free speech but you have to give respect, and let everyone else participate in the discussion.   

To reserve a hangout for a specific debate with specific participants, leave a message in the comments below the video from the previous day, providing the YouTube channels of all participants and the subject to be debated.

Here is one of the best sessions of my streaming debates, where Zysis (a flat earth debunker), all by himself, debated everyone else:
Flat Earth 20160529 09.14-17.14 US CT (zysis vs. everyone else) - YouTube
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Re: Flat Earth Debates (streaming Google Hangouts on YouTube)
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This is an advertisement. I don't understand why the administration do permission about this topic. Yes this is about FE but advertisement is an advertisement.


Re: Flat Earth Debates (streaming Google Hangouts on YouTube)
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I understand you but this action may opens a door somebody other do same thing and this may change here an advertisement dumping ground. I understand you i hope you understand me too. But don't worry the administration here is so unconcerned and i don't think somebody do an action about this topic. So my post will remain only as a friendly criticism.  :)

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Re: Flat Earth Debates (streaming Google Hangouts on YouTube)
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Oh the horror, I'm actually agreeing with inti here (I think, I can't see his posts because I'm ignoring him, so it's all guessing from the context).
I can understand wanting to bring this thing to our attention, but it in and of itself isn't really a debate topic. And two posts of complaining about someone 'stealing' your fans makes your motive for bringing it here sound more for the sake of your ego, rather than that of the debate.
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Also ignoring intikam.