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Re: New Georgia Law and Corporations
« Reply #60 on: April 09, 2021, 05:32:44 PM »
I read it as you are not allowed to electioneer within a certain amount of distance of the polling area.

So in your view, it's not an offence for a random member of the public to give something to someone in line?
It never has been against the law for people to give things to other people in line.

That happens all the time, I'm sure.

This law strictly defines what electioneers cannot do.

If thats all it is then its probably fine.  Especially if its within 150ft only. 

That 15 min. Wait time was calculated in 2018, a year voter turnout is often lowest.
Also nation wide.  Also for a small segment of areas. (High minority, low minority).


5 hours.  For a primary.  And since the precinct is only 88% non-white, it wouldn't fall in your statistic, which only counted 90% or more of non-white precincts.
Highest midterm turnout (likely ever) as a matter of fact.

Cute story by npr. Leaves out a lot of the issues actually in play.

Inept workers not following election law currently in place (purposefully, more than likely) resulting in the outrageous tale thus becoming necessary to be told.

Such as?  Also, way to know something you didn't know was a thing before I posted it.

I don't care what study you link to or how many npr cases to be offered.
And there's the bias.  So what you're saying is that only data that you agree with is accurate.  Yep.  Classic bias.

10-15 minutes of wait time is likely to be the most time to wait at any polling booth in the US.
For the vast majority of 300,000+ voting places?  Yeah.  But I'm not saying most places have 5 hour wait lines.  I'm saying some do.

And if you're in a place that has inept morons who don't know what the fuck they are talking about or doing (typically those areas run by Democrats, as described by npr), call a sheriff and demand them to enforce the election law.
Again, what law are they not following to cause such long wait times?  You also know election laws vary by state, right?  So I assume you're well versed in Georgia law so I await the answer.

If you are going to DebOOonK an expert then you have to at least provide a source with credentials of equal or greater relevance. Even then, it merely shows that some experts disagree with each other.