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Flat Earth Theory / Why are all FE models discs?
« on: December 30, 2022, 05:40:05 AM »
I've been digging through the proposed FE maps recently, and have noticed that every single map I've seen is a circle. What I don't understand is why.

If the Earth is flat, why not a rectangle? Or a square? Why not any other shape? Things like flying over the north pole could be explained with simply going to the ice wall on that edge, flying for a while, then coming back south. If we're allowing conspiracies (which is a given for FE to be true), then we can explain any of these models. Plus, then the whole distortion issue could have an actual solution, with the Earth just being a wonky shape.

To be clear, I'm a Round Earther. I'm not proposing these things to be true, I'm wondering why I haven't seen any discussion on this topic in my years of looking at arguments in these forums, and some more recent, and admittedly shallower, digs through the wiki.

Edited for clarity. Thanks Pete!

Flat Earth Theory / In FE, why is Earth a magnet?
« on: December 06, 2022, 05:32:18 PM »
I was wondering because in RE, the explanation is (somewhat) simple: the Coriolis effect, created by the spinning of the Earth, spins molten metal near the earth's core. Quite a bit of this metal is magnetic, such as iron, and creates one strong field with the magnetic poles roughly near the geographic poles. This theory also explains why the poles flip every so often; the fields are aligned on the axis, but not in a specific direction.

This is a CGP Grey video about runway numbers. At from 8:36 onwards, he explains this model. I can grab more sources about it, but he does a great job explaining the RE version.

But here's my question: I've seen a lot of discussion on the boards about the poles, and using compasses to track position on planes, and the magnetic field bending light, but I've yet to find the FE justification for why the poles exist. The wiki does explain how it lines up with observation, due to ring magnets, but not why it's there. Do y'all have an explanation?

(Title edited for clarity)

Think of what the Mercator projection is to a round Earth. I'm looking for something like that for a flat earth, a map that is accepted to be a transformation of the currently unknown flat Earth model.

And yes, I know the maps page of the wiki exists but it only shows proposed models, not projections.

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