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Flat Earth Theory / Planetary retrograde motion
« on: May 05, 2019, 04:05:21 PM »
If my understanding is correct, FE theory has it that all the planets orbit around the Sun, above the plane of the Earth surface. That is what seems to be implied in the Wiki page at least. That being the case, why then do not all the planets show a retrograde motion?

Further, if the diagram in the Wiki page is accurate then should not all the planets show a distinct phase pattern similar to the Moon?

Lastly, again based on the diagram contained in the Wiki, how is it possible for Mars through to Neptune to be visible on the opposite side of the sky to the Sun, while Mercury and Venus are never visible opposite the Sun in the sky?

Flat Earth Investigations / Bedford experiment
« on: April 28, 2019, 04:17:48 PM »
The FE Wiki contains a detailed description of the Bedford Experiment under the experimental evidence section.

There is also a detailed account of the Bedford Experiment in the mainstream Wikipedia. While the details of the experiment are predictably similar, there is a notable difference between the two very early on in the main Wiki article. I am talking about the 3rd sentence in the mainstream Wikipedia account which mentions how Alfred Russel Wallace carried out the experiment in 1870. After taking into account and correcting for the effects of atmospheric refraction, Wallace deduced that the surface of the water did in fact follow a slightly curved shape. The mainstream Wiki description of Rowbothams method is also slightly different to that given by FE Wiki.  The former talks about a flag being mounted on a boat which was then slowly rowed along the canal.  According to FE Wiki, six separate flags were placed in the river, one mile apart. Of the two, I would choose the boat since a single, fixed flag in motion is likely to provide less margin for error compared to 6 separate flags which would not have been exactly the same height above the water. I know the experiment was carried out several times so probably both methods were used.

I am sure that FE believers must be aware of Wallaces experiment so why is there no mention of that in the FE Wiki description of the experiment?

To the neutrals out there that means on one side of the fence you have Samuel Rowbotham claiming that his experiment proves the Earth is flat and then on the other side of the fence you have Alfred Wallace putting forward his  account of the same experiment, carried out at the same spot and explaining why he believed that Rowbothams result is wrong.  So which is it?

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