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Science & Alternative Science / Asking some friendly questions :)
« on: December 31, 2021, 05:58:06 PM »
I believe in the globe earth, as well as the "matrix theory" though I don't call it that. My friend however believes in a flat earth. I can't find any good documentaries that aren't that netflix one which I give super little credit to. Such a mainstream platform would never really allow a controversial topic to be proven on it.
So I'm here. I have questions and I want to learn. I'm happy to answer questions too. I'm not very set in my ways and am very open to new views and such. I think the only exception is vaccines and antibiotics. Sorry, I've just seen that stuff work and I'm pretty set on that.

Here are a few of my questions to get the conversation rolling.

1. How does the flat earth really look? I've seen tons of different maps. What's the most accurate?

2. Why do some people believe the other planets are stars, round, or don't exist? I mean they're right there. Sure they're not really real but they're visible and you can look at them so they are real to us.

2.5 is the earth different because it's the stage we are set on? This is our home where we spend our time so obviously, it'd be easier to make it super detailed and not those other things. We aren't going to the moon or Jupiter so they just aren't real objects?

3. Do you believe the earth or reality is real? I've stated my case we live in a simulation. Do you believe that too? Why or why not?

Please no hate. I'm just curious and trying to figure things out. You have science, I have science, other people have science. It's just different based on experience, I'm gaining experience.

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