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Cogito ergo sum is
« on: January 11, 2017, 04:23:32 PM »
Cogito ergo sum is. I think, therefore I am.
By accepting the sentence above as “truth”, our existence becomes a fact that one can prove by reasoning. Therefore, the fact I exist is true because I'm thinking it. But how under this light should we try to understand the purpose of our existence? Existence is understood by our minds as an ability to be aware of it: cogito ergo sum is. Do I reason when I’m not aware/conscious of my thoughts? When I’m in a state of sleep, am I able to reason my existence? Am I not being aware of my existence while sleeping?
Reason only accepts physical existence as truth, an event that needs a time and a place to be. Reasoning is a tool used by our mind. Cogito ergo sum is a materialist way of thinking, once it accepts reality just as something physical. This method of investigation per se does not allow us to perceive our existence through our senses, our body. And by reasoning we’re only feeling existence with our mind.
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Re: Cogito ergo sum is
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