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Flat Earth General / Re: Journey to the end
« Last post by SexWarrior on Today at 08:04:16 AM »
Also, why are there even different flat earth organizations?
Why are there even multiple women's health charities? Why are there even multiple educational charities? Why do things even exist?!
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Flat Earthery is plane-ly false
« Last post by SexWarrior on Today at 07:47:49 AM »
Why don't they fall?
Because once they've escaped the Earth's cover, they are being affected by Universal Acceleration.
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Rogue One (with spoilers)
« Last post by Lord Dave on Today at 07:31:47 AM »
Vader's scene at the end was probably the scariest he's been in the entire series though, yeah.

That scene really bugged me. It was blatant fanservice with no real effect on the story, thrown in at the last minute (both in the sense of the movie's runtime and its production) to pander to the vocal minority loudly demanding that the movie focus on Vader slaughtering people. Give Abrams some credit, at least his fanservice revolved around the near-unanimous agreement that the original trilogy was far superior to the prequels. He wasn't simply catering to reddit. If the filmmakers had really wanted a scene of Vader being a badass, they should have made something that actually impacted the story, perhaps a scene near the beginning of the film to establish how dangerous the Empire is. Of course, they weren't interested in what such a scene might add to the story, and so they threw it on the end as a last-minute plea for reddit's approval.

I disagree.
To me the scene was about the overall resistance.  One one side you have the empire: a force of power.  On the other side, escape.  Escape was futile and death was inevitable as it advanced towards you.  Yet still you fought.  Still you persisted.  And at the end, when you realized escape was impossible, you passed on the hope with bravery.
Flat Earth General / Re: Journey to the end
« Last post by Oami on Today at 06:22:44 AM »
A South Pole and an Antarctic continent was added into Flat Earth lore by this society back in the early 1900's when the South Pole was discovered. Come on, it's all right there in our published literature.

Then how come there still isn't a decent map? Even your own Wiki has the map that shows Antarctica as the border.
Flat Earth General / Re: Why does my flat earth friend push so hard?
« Last post by Oami on Today at 06:15:27 AM »
I might copy here my opening from the "Science" section.

In science there are different kinds of theories. While some theories may peacefully coexist, some can not. When two (or more) theories conflict with each other, we may need to decide (assuming we are interested in the topic in the first place), which theory is better.

So, what methods do you actually use to determine, which theory to believe in? There may be several different answers, but I'll put my criteria here.

In order for theory A to be better than theory B, one of the following three conditions must be met:
1) B is proven false and A is not.
2) Neither is proven false, but A explains things better than B.
(That is: it explains a greater number of things or more important things relevant to the topic.)
3) Neither is proven false, and both explain things equally well, but A is simpler than B. (This is also known as the Occam razor.)

It is worth noting that if a theory is false, it might be proven false: but if a theory is true, it can never be proven true. If a theory is true, we can test it, and we will have the results that are predicted by the theory: but if we test a theory a million times and every time get the right result, that doesn't prove that the million-and-first test will also give the right results, instead of failing because of some reason that the first million tests didn't take into account.

And to get back here... the globe theory has not been proven false, it explains pretty well what it is supposed to explain, and it is relatively simple. This is why it is popular.
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Flat Earthery is plane-ly false
« Last post by Oami on Today at 05:49:54 AM »
Why don't planes fall?

You are assuming satellites have no engines or propellers. Its possible they have nuclear engines (like submarines) and can run for years without refuelling, we already know they do have nuclear satellites so why not.

They (NASA) could also possibly be utilising magnetic fields for high flying craft like satellites, I would assume some technology has been suppressed from the general public, we are not privy to all the information.

So I could believe that they stay in the sky with a technology that you cannot prove to exist, or I could just believe that the earth is round and no such technology is required.

It's all a matter of belief. We may all choose, what to believe in. Usually I pick the most simple option.
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Sun Eclipse "Caused & Effects"!
« Last post by Rounder on Today at 05:35:33 AM »
I'll try again.  If you look at the picture, consider the experience of an observer located in Africa.  The eclipse is happening in the United States during Africa's nighttime hours.  The moon is in the same part of the sky as the sun (the very definition of an eclipse).  If the observer in Africa cannot see the sun (because it is night), and if the moon is in the same part of the sky as the sun, then the observer in Africa cannot see the moon either.

This same logic holds true if the earth is flat, by the way.  On the flat earth, we are told that you cannot see the sun at night because it is too far away.  (I'm simplifying here, there is more to it than that, but it boils down to "too far away" in the end.)  So if the sun is too far away for you to see it, and the moon is in about the same place as the sun, then the moon is also too far away for you to see it.
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Gravity...
« Last post by Rounder on Today at 05:25:39 AM »
Continue debate in topic 'Gravity (2.0) '. This page is too cluttered.

...says the person responsible for 14 of the 36 posts...
Flat Earth General / Re: Might need to amend the TFES homepage.....
« Last post by junker on Today at 03:30:07 AM »
As a side effect of the unchecked arrogance you suffer from, you seem to be unaware that your little group here is not the only FES group that exists. 

Ah, another display of your ignorance. You clearly have no understanding of the history of the Flat Earth Society. Contrary to your false assumptions, we are quite aware of the other FES groups, as many of us here came from another group years ago.

I would suggest you stick to discussing things you have some clue about. It will keep you from looking so foolish all the time.