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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 27, 2017, 02:08:22 PM »
Guys shoving another world leader is no big deal. I mean it was just the prime minister of Montenegro, it's not like he punched Angela Merkel or anything. You need to put it in perspective.
He'll grab her by the pussy.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 26, 2017, 09:50:43 PM »
Y'all know that world wars start when big men push aside small countries, right?

I mean, the behavior of a world leader influences alliances, information sharing, dialogs, deals, everything.

Yes it may not SEEM like a big deal but it could be the difference between Trump winning a deal and storming off fuming because he can't get what he wants cause the other side thinks he's a dick and wants to screw him.

Science & Alternative Science / Re: Solar Freakin' Roofways
« on: May 26, 2017, 01:33:13 PM »
To be fair, the prototype in Iowa seems to be doing well in the square.
Does it? What is your measure of success here?

It barely generates any electricity at all. The installation keeps breaking even in the relatively mild conditions that the test installation is exposed to, and the whole installation caught fire at least once.

What they promise is impossible from a technical point of view - they simply can't generate enough electricity to power sufficiently bright LEDs for the road markings to be seen during the day (that's why the Idaho installation uses relatively dim ones), let alone heat the road; and the engineering behind the idea is really shit.

You can see a live feed from the installation here. Try to catch a glimpse when it's not in the shade. And when the bloody thing isn't on fire. Live energy generation stats are available here. Over the past 2 months, the peak appears to be 1.30KWh.

They keep telling us they're doing well, but they really, really aren't.
You know more than I then.  I was looking for info on how much power it produced, thanks for finding that.

Then I retract my statement.  Its a failure on all levels.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 26, 2017, 06:46:33 AM »

This is just embarrassing.
Finally, we can confirm that Trump is racist. After all, this was the Prime Minister of Montenegro

Look, I'm not a Racist, ok?  I love Montenegro.  Beautiful country.  Wonderful people.  I do business there.  I was just patting him on the shoulder, you know?  Just like that 'hey, great country' I said.  But the dishonest media and twitter and that guy, who I won't name, they blow it out of proportion.  They weren't there.  They don't know.  I mean, I had a great luch with the guy, great lunch.  But the media won't report on that, will they?  Just some fake news.  Fake.  News.  About me pushing.  I didn't push, ok? 

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:13:53 PM »
Saw that.
Didn't need to comment.

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Superhero Movies & Comics General
« on: May 25, 2017, 03:02:46 PM »
Oh that's right. I forgot he was on Legends. I stopped watching that one because they can't make time travel work either and the show is all about time travel. And Savage really is Flash's best villain in the comics, what a waste.
And how they beat him was just... stupid.

By contrast, The Savage from Smallville?  Him I liked.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:19:13 AM »
In other news...

I've no idea how Trump's visits are going but haven't heard anything too bad so yay for that.

But hey, the CBO released this:

Only $119 Billion in 10 years?  Really?  That's it?

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Superhero Movies & Comics General
« on: May 25, 2017, 07:15:14 AM »
Just finished season three of The Flash. This show is really fucking bad. Holy shit.

It definitely has its flaws. It has some good things going for it though. I rolled my eyes at the more serious-minded stuff but really enjoyed the more humor-oriented episodes this season. They have to stop using time travel as a shortcut for plot development because they have no clue how to make it make sense, from either a logical or a character perspective. They also have to stop making the Big Bad another speedster every fucking season because it's just lazy. Where is Vandal Savage?
Dead.  Legends of tomorrow killed him.  And they had a crossover with flash so its all the same universe.

Science & Alternative Science / Re: Solar Freakin' Roofways
« on: May 24, 2017, 03:14:59 PM »
At least this doesn't involve parking your car on top of the solar panels and doesn't claim to break thermodynamics by producing enough electricity to be useful and light up a fuckton of bright LEDs and heat your driveway so it never freezes over again.
To be fair, the prototype in Iowa seems to be doing well in the square.  So maybe... Solar walkways?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 24, 2017, 05:59:46 AM »
Trump's budget:

Long story short:

Cut everything but defense and vet care.
Assume the country is gonna be Trump'n awesome by 2027 to give us a surplus*

*Tax reform not included in budget predictions.

Science & Alternative Science / Re: Solar Freakin' Roofways
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:57:39 AM »
Yeah but look how cool the CGI roofs look.

Technology & Information / Re: I Bought a Sony Xperia X
« on: May 19, 2017, 09:25:55 PM »
So I am using my Xperia X as my daily driver now. Have been for about a week. After last year's saga of trying both an HTC 10 and an iPhone 7, I ended up back on my iPhone 6. My iPhone 6's Lightning port began to fail over the last couple months to where I had to fiddle with the adapter to get it to a spot to where it would charge (and would stop charging if moved even slightly). It also can no longer make a data connection, so I can't transfer pictures or do local backups.

I've got Android 7.1.2 from Sony's Concept program running nicely (with the UK version so the fingerprint scanner works properly). However, when I initially unlocked my phone back when I got it, I was unaware about the DRM key situation I described in the previous post. Long story short is that the camera on my Xperia is borked. There is a workaround which involves going back to a custom ROM, which I will eventually do so I can regain full functionality.

Unfortunately, the Concept program for the Xperia X has now ended, so 7.1.2 will be the last release this phone gets. Hopefully SailfishOS is released soon, so I can actually use this phone the way I envisioned when I bought it. It was slated for late Q2, so there is still some time to meet that deadline, although I won't be surprised if it is delayed.
curious question but I had the same problem.

Have you tried clearing out dust and lint?
I used a sewing needle on my HTC's usb and 3.5mm jack ports and now they both work like a charm.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 19, 2017, 04:50:56 PM »
The entire Russian interference in the election thing is a complete diversion to hide the shady and criminal actions of Hillary Clinton. Someone hacked her campaign manager's email and leaked it to Wikileaks. It was shown that Hillary Clinton and her foundation was incredibly corrupt. Instead of answering for their misdeeds they blamed it on the Russians for "interfering with the election," when even if true, the only thing they did was give the American public greater transparency than they otherwise would not have had.

And yet, Trump has not brought charges against her.
Explain that one.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 19, 2017, 04:38:17 PM »
I honestly don't believe Trump knows anything or is a secret spy.
The reason being is, he's too volatile and doesn't know how to be discrete.  He is, however, an easily manipulated pawn.

If anything, Russia has several advisors in his pocket feeding him info and ideas such as "The media is corrupt and evil" and "Everyone is wrong but you..."

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 18, 2017, 02:50:02 PM »
You know, alot of things Trump does would normally be considered political suicide.

I am now thinking that term no longer applies.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 16, 2017, 02:34:15 PM »

But the emails?
the president has the authority to disclose even the most highly classified information at will
oh ok

Coming up next: top intelligence officials and also someone from the Democratic party call for Trump's impeachment following news that he pees while sitting down.
It's actually more serious than that as it breaks espionage etiquette and puts other intelligence operatives at risk. It means our allies might not want to share information with us anymore.
You really think they still do with Donald "From Russia with Love" Trump?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:24:14 PM »
I heard on the radio it was confirmed false. 

Trump would disagree.
Notice how he doesn't say what he shared so its up in the air.

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