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Honeycomb earth theory.
« on: February 22, 2017, 09:59:51 AM »
This is my gathered interpretation of a

theory. I must say for honesty, i don't

have any proof of it! But! It is so

freaking awesome and marvelous, that

i needed to share it with the world!

Hey, flat earthers, have you heard of

Honecomb Earth theory(Cellular

"Remember the bubb
le wrap? Yeah, we live in one of damn

 It actually could be considered as an

expansion of Flat Earth theory to

endless extent. It states that our earth

is flat,but not absolutely flat(volumetric

flat)and the planet is ENORMOUSLY

large! It has many flat earthes

alongside and in parallel with dome for

each.Every 3 earthes are contingently

constitute an imperfect hexagonal unit

with one common sun,that goes on

certain path,getting up and down at a

specific time. But single earth may

have from 1 to 7 suns. A unit therefore

constitutes a hexagonal cell, which in

turn constitutes a spheroid planet, that

travels in an ocean of Ether or energy.

The geometrical figure universal for

bordering and building every scale,big

or small,ours is hexagon.
Our body consists in a,say, pico scale

of such oceans with planets and

earthes. The same goes for body of a

being within which we live.

The modern author of the theory is

Vytcheslav Kotlyarov,ukrainian guy,that

found out about our Earth's form via

astral projection travelling.Of course

the theory just as Flat Earth theory is

old as world,the roots go to folklore of

may cultures around the world.
I found another person that says

similar - Alisha streamer from twitch.
This is my gathered interpretation of a

theory. What are you thoughts on this?

Is it fake or it has potential to be truth?



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Re: Honeycomb earth theory.
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2017, 03:09:25 AM »
Unless there's evidence that's more compelling than some guy saying he astral projected there I would have to say no.
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