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Arts & Entertainment / Re: Black Mirror
« Last post by Roundy on March 29, 2017, 06:02:35 AM »
I recently watched "San Junipero" because I heard everyone talking about it and I absolutely loved it, although it seemed a bit out of character for Black Mirror.

I think that was part of the point.  I was so sure the hammer was going to fall at any time that it was a shock (a really nice shock) when the episode ended on the positive note it did.  I wonder (assuming the show continues) if a lighter episode will be a regular feature with the longer seasons.

I also think it would be funny if those detectives from the last episode of the season were made into a regular thing.

Saddam, did you ever give this show a chance?
Flat Earth Information Repository / Re: Flat Earth and the Qur'an
« Last post by Boots on March 29, 2017, 04:46:00 AM »
This is completely incorrect.  I have seen plenty of substantial and consistent criticism of the literature.  There are multiple threads that demonstrate what complete and utter kife EnaG is, for example.

The criticism is weak and easily rebutted. But still, criticism is not bringing anything original to the table to demonstrate the shape of the earth. Modern astronomers have not really done anything original on this topic. This is why we have to look at the work of ancient astronomers who did not have authorities to appeal to when questioning the nature of the world.

I haven't seen any original proofs that 2+2=4 lately. Everyone just uses the same proofs that were used millennia ago. Weak.
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Just Watched
« Last post by Crudblud on March 29, 2017, 03:22:55 AM »
Marvel's Luke Cage

Well, I finished it a few days ago, so this is not "just watched", but whatever. I enjoyed it. The character is no longer Generic Buff Black Dude, has a lot more to do than in Jessica Jones, and he's much more interesting and likeable. Mike Colter is a much better actor than I thought he was, though sometimes hammy dialogue serves him poorly. I forgot the other actors except Rosario Dawson, who similarly has much more going on than in previous shows while remaining true to her character. The villains in the first half are well-grounded scumbags with lots of character, the villain in the second half is a crazy Bible-quoting gangster with less character but I thought he was hilarious in a good way, so whatever.

The music is mostly very good, mixing hip-hop, blaxploitation-y funk, jazz, blues, soul etc. and relating that to the Harlem setting, which is well realised as a place and a community. I was generally invested in Cage's campaign to save it from criminal businessmen and corrupt politicians, because it seemed worth saving. It felt much more "real" than the Hell's Kitchen setting of previous Marvel Netflix thingies, which didn't seem much different than any generic New York setting seen in countless other shows and movies, and the musical culture is a big part of why that is. I didn't like all of the music, though, there are performances from actual groups and rappers in most episodes, one by The Delfonics is ear-gratingly bad.

It's a lot better than I was expecting it to be, overall, and I didn't think it dropped in quality in the second half either. There isn't really much point in me recommending it since there are only two other people here I'm aware of who even care about Marvel stuff and they already saw it ages ago, but I liked it.
Flat Earth General / Re: Shaquille O'Neal believes that the earth is flat
« Last post by markjo on March 29, 2017, 03:15:44 AM »
i don't see what evidence there is that anything negative happened to shaq as a result of him saying he thinks the earth is flat.
So, why did you decide to ignore Shaq's own words? Why is only part of his "haha I was joking" statement valuable, and why is the remainder of it non-existent?
Do you mean like the part where he said that he isn't serious 80% of the time?  Or the part where he said:
This world we live in, people take things too seriously, but I’m going to give the people answers to my test. Knowing that I’m a funny guy, if something seems controversial or boom, boom, boom, you’ve got to have my funny points on, right? So now, once you have my funny points on, that should eradicate and get rid of all your negative thoughts, right? That’s what you should do when you hear a Shaquille O’Neal statement, OK? You should know that he has funny points right over here, and what did he say? Boom, boom, boom, add the funny points. You either laugh or you don’t laugh, but don’t take me seriously. When I want you to take me seriously, you will know by the tone of my voice that I’m being serious.
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Now Playing (the Video Game Version)
« Last post by Snupes on March 29, 2017, 02:56:21 AM »
Got Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 & II.5 ReMix and am currently playing through the remastered Kingdom Hearts I.

None of has aged well. At all. The gameplay got the worst of it.
Flat Earth General / Re: I'm looking for a volunteer, a true flat earth believer.
« Last post by Roundy on March 29, 2017, 02:05:04 AM »
I thought you were finished here.  ???
Flat Earth Debate / Re: Angular Diameter change of Venus and Mars
« Last post by Flatout on March 29, 2017, 01:45:27 AM »
So, Tom.  If "no"  model can accurately predict future events  then why did you say that the observations fit with flat earth model.  Is your flat earth model horse pucky too?
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Now Playing
« Last post by Dionysios on March 29, 2017, 01:08:09 AM »
I'd like to dedicate this song to everybody in the U.S. military, all American policemen, and most of all their sympathizers.

'You're No Good'
By Dee Dee Warwick
(i.e. Dionne Warwick's sister)

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Angular Diameter change of Venus and Mars
« Last post by Flatout on March 29, 2017, 01:00:50 AM »
Tom, you seem to make these definitive claims about what astronomers do without knowing what astronomers do.  There are significant discussions across the Internet by amateur astronomers about the free ORSA software.  Amateurs are using it to accurately create back yard predictions of planets and newly found comets. It's not being done with historical period data. Rather, by creating orbital models. Look up ORSA for yourself.  It's free software.  Many are making incredibly accurate predictions with it that include comets, satellites, and planets.  Secondly, through observation and modeling astronomers have found new planets that were never acknowledge by those 1000s of years ago.   

Please show us where some of these predictions have met reality.
Here is one example.  There is a link to the results in the video.