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Flat Earth General / Re: Shaquille O'Neal believes that the earth is flat
« Last post by Boots on Today at 08:14:18 AM »
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« Last post by Tom Bishop on Today at 07:59:05 AM »
Anyway, on the lighter side of Trump news:

Of course it's Us Weekly so who knows if it's really true?  It's plausible; don't you think you'd be miserable if you were Melania?  Would you want to sleep in the same bed as a shriveled old troll like Donald?

That doesn't make any sense. Trump is a billionaire. Why would he keep her around and stand for that? He would just replace her like he has done with past wives.
Shaq obviously caved in to pressure since the story went world wide and was hurting his brand and the NBA. If this is his joking style show us where he has ever made a similar "joke".
Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Angular Diameter change of Venus and Mars
« Last post by andruszkow on Today at 07:22:13 AM »

So, you don't know why it happens?

Why should it matter any more than should the temperature of Uranus matter?

This is not really a topic of discussion. If you can show that this is some kind of round earth proof, we would look into it. When we are asked what puts the sun into motion, for example, the standard reply is that the mechanism is presently unknown to us, but the motion is apparent. We base knowledge on empiricism here, not wild theories.

Ok, so Tom, let's change the narrative a bit.

Say a person out of genuine curiosity asks you a question about an observation, for instance an observed change of angular size of a celestial object, right? Can you just answer what causes this instead of saying "that's not important". Obviously, it's important to this person and he or she is asking what he believes to be an authority on the subject, namely the people who are supposed to be able to answer this.

Forget about hostility, this is a genuine question. I mean, if you don't know simply just say "I/we don't know". There's nothing wrong with that. But you can't say "I fail to see why this is important". An observation has been made and someone is asking for an explanation from the very people who are supposed to be able to answer.

Let's even assume flatout were undecided on the shape of the earth or the model that describes our solar system. He now knows how one model explains that particular phenomenon, he's seeking an explanation in regards to another model.

I'd like to know this too to be honest.
Flat Earth General / Re: Shaquille O'Neil believes that the earth is flat
« Last post by Boots on Today at 06:32:30 AM »
In order to discredit Shaq as a source of authority you would need to show that he cheated in his classes or something

If Shaq came out tomorrow and said it was just a joke and he actually believed the earth was a globe I'm sure you would become a GE since he has the qualifications to know! LOL

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Now Playing (the Video Game Version)
« Last post by Snupes on Today at 05:58:56 AM »
Playing The Last Guardian since, from what I've heard, it really shouldn't take me more than a day or two to beat. So far it's really, really good. I don't totally get the graphical complaints since it looks really nice so far, and Trico's AI and animation is fantastic. Only problem I've had so far is that the controls are absolutely awful and I don't think I've seen the game run over 20fps yet. That's not hyperbole.

The only other flaw, actually, is that I feel the compulsive need to stop and pet Trico every ten seconds because he's so adorable, so this game will probably take way longer to complete than it should
Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Trump
« Last post by Lord Dave on Today at 05:29:36 AM »
Anyway, on the lighter side of Trump news:

Of course it's Us Weekly so who knows if it's really true?  It's plausible; don't you think you'd be miserable if you were Melania?  Would you want to sleep in the same bed as a shriveled old troll like Donald?

Considering she's in NYC 90% of the time, I wouldn't be surprised.  I also wouldn't be surprised if she was just a trophy wife.  I mean, can't imagine Trump has much of a libedo anymore.
The fact that people CAN be deceived does not mean they ARE being deceived about one specific topic.   
Flat Earth General / Re: How orbits work.
« Last post by Roundy on Today at 04:38:27 AM »
Who said gravity is a perfect explanation for everything?  What a weird position.

I'm just quoting you guys here; I certainly never did!

  I suppose if you are willing to believe in God any ridiculous thing can make sense, but I feel like a lot of people who argue in favor of gravity as a real thing don't even believe in God which is just bewildering.  How can you believe that you are magically attached to a giant whizzing ball without also believing in Divine Providence having stuck you there?

Because of evidence.

Psssh, flimsy at best.

FET requires no God because it requires no magic.

Yes, well if I make up properties of a theory to make it sound ridiculous it will also sound ridiculous.

This doesn't address the issue.

That is why it is the superior theory.

And it is a terrible theory because it can't offer up a cogent explanation for what we observe.

It is a superior theory because it doesn't strain to make up cogent explanations for what we observe.

If I were to be as dishonest as you, I would just use your terrible "Magic" argument on various components that have been offered up: like UA.  It is even less descriptive than gravity as a theory.  Gravity has trouble describing the very very big and the very very small.  UA has trouble describing anything outside a completely homogeneous space, which, as we know, does not exist.

At least UA is consistent with what we observe, whether it is the correct theory or not.  Gravity is simply not consistent with what we observe!
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Just Watched
« Last post by Snupes on Today at 03:26:50 AM »
I can't think of many instances where getting hyped has made my expectations lower. And before you cry about my fangirling, that has little to do with my hype and everything to do with being blinded as a fangirl. Generally if I'm hyped about something (cough and such watchdogs coughing) it raises my expectations dramatically, which is one of the main reasons I've tried to stop hyping myself about things.

Also, I'm not conceding it's "shit", just that it's not good. It was an okay/alright show I enjoyed thanks to some characters and plotlines (Ward and Ward); most of my argument is literally "I don't think it's as bad as people say". The difference between a 2/10 rating and a 5/10 rating.

I know you have a hard time with subjectivity and people having differing opinions (granted, I just find it really fucking annoying when people say shit like "in x amount of time you'll agree" as some weird way to deflect disagreement off to some vague future point), but I'm so non-enamoured by this show that I'm confident my opinion on it is not likely to change much. Just like I think the same of Daredevil season 1 as I did after I watched it, or Jessica Jones, or Luke Cage, or Daredevil season 2...